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Where He Hides by SilviaTheCaralioness Where He Hides :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 27 14 Hot Day by SilviaTheCaralioness Hot Day :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 8 0 Poser by SilviaTheCaralioness Poser :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 20 3 Soft Feathers by SilviaTheCaralioness Soft Feathers :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 19 0 Orange Bill by SilviaTheCaralioness Orange Bill :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 42 2 Colored sketch for MiseryOkami by SilviaTheCaralioness Colored sketch for MiseryOkami :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 5 3 YCH Commission for ScarlettFoxx1 by SilviaTheCaralioness YCH Commission for ScarlettFoxx1 :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 1 3 Bird of Many Colors by SilviaTheCaralioness Bird of Many Colors :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 2 6 American Savanna by SilviaTheCaralioness American Savanna :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 2 2 Caracal front paw REFERENCE by SilviaTheCaralioness Caracal front paw REFERENCE :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 3 0 Caracal back paws REFERENCE by SilviaTheCaralioness Caracal back paws REFERENCE :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 6 0 Beautiful Bird by SilviaTheCaralioness Beautiful Bird :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 34 16 Tornear by SilviaTheCaralioness Tornear :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 15 0 Young by SilviaTheCaralioness Young :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 17 0 On the Pond by SilviaTheCaralioness On the Pond :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 5 0 A Twist by SilviaTheCaralioness A Twist :iconsilviathecaralioness:SilviaTheCaralioness 6 0


The idea of this piece if good. I like the concept of a lizard man standing on the rock. The piece is well framed and has a really grea...

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination And when he's tall He's what we call a dinosaur sensation Barney's friends are big and small ...

The vision of this piece is quite nice. I like the angle and the anatomy is mostly well done. However, I think the turned head is a bit...

This piece is fantastic! The vision is incredible because your style helps gives emotion to an otherwise ordinary situation. The warm c...


Canadian Lynx by Karelliann Canadian Lynx :iconkarelliann:Karelliann 42 24 Smells by bluetwo007 Smells :iconbluetwo007:bluetwo007 3 3 Montreal Biodome 3 by same-old-thing Montreal Biodome 3 :iconsame-old-thing:same-old-thing 1 0 Montreal Biodome 5 by same-old-thing Montreal Biodome 5 :iconsame-old-thing:same-old-thing 1 0 Mraaaaah by Karelliann Mraaaaah :iconkarelliann:Karelliann 2 4 Beautiful in Blue by Terra-Anne Beautiful in Blue :iconterra-anne:Terra-Anne 5 12 Surfacing by TheCubanSpy Surfacing :iconthecubanspy:TheCubanSpy 16 2 Miyagi by MehranMo Miyagi :iconmehranmo:MehranMo 7 3 Lunch Time by Karelliann Lunch Time :iconkarelliann:Karelliann 6 7 A cautious drink by Octadecagon A cautious drink :iconoctadecagon:Octadecagon 4 0 Ringtail Lemur by QuinapalusTheFool Ringtail Lemur :iconquinapalusthefool:QuinapalusTheFool 2 8 Parrot by freesy Parrot :iconfreesy:freesy 4 0 Porcupine by dv8dotca Porcupine :icondv8dotca:dv8dotca 1 0 Flying by saiquarx Flying :iconsaiquarx:saiquarx 2 3 Pinguin004 by BenoitPhotographie Pinguin004 :iconbenoitphotographie:BenoitPhotographie 1 0 Callimico by BenoitPhotographie Callimico :iconbenoitphotographie:BenoitPhotographie 2 0
By looking here, you'll learn what my interests are. Enjoy!



Group picture
A group of three animal characters drawn in my current style on a white background.  Same rules as for "character drawing".
Also its actually 25 points.  I'll send requesters 5 points back after commissioning.
Custom character design
Presada by SilviaTheCaralioness  Unnamed Character by SilviaTheCaralioness  Unica by SilviaTheCaralioness 
Above are examples of my character designs. 
Any animal species, including extinct ones, excluding humans. 
If you are requesting one, please give me information about what your character is like (personality, colors, marking types, prefered fur length, etc) as well as general things about your preferences when it comes to designs.  Get as specific as you need to. 
I am allowing any species, but please be careful when requesting designs of characters based on little-known species where references are extremely limited.
YCH- feline with pride flag
Your feline character carrying the pride flag for their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Click on the deviation for details.
YCH- Feline Couple
I will draw your characters using this drawing as a guide.  The shapes will be adjusted to match your characters.  I will not draw copyrighted characters or characters that closely resemble copyrighted characters (for example, a character looks exactly Simba but with green eyes).
Character Drawing
A shaded, full body drawing of your animal character in the style displayed here.  Will not include background. 
I will draw any animal, but I have the most practice with felines.
If you are ordering a commission, please send me as many references of your character as you can.  I want to make sure I get everything right.
You can specify the pose and angle at no extra charge.
I will not draw:
-Anything that violates DeviantArt's terms of service or that would require a mature content warning.
-Characters from copyrighted works.  Fan characters are okay though as long as they don't look almost identical to a canon character.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

[  ] You are in a band. 
Thankfully I'm not.  My singing voice sucks and I can't play an instrument to save the world.
[ ] You like My Chemical Romance. 
Not in particular.
[ ] You also like Green Day. 
I like their song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" but otherwise I'm not all that familiar with them.
[  ] You know what mosh means. 
I do not.
[ ] You sit in corners often. 
[ ] You hate MTV.
I haven't really been paying attention to them.
[  ] You take pictures of yourself a lot.
Not really.
[  ] Especially ones where you can't see your whole face. 
Definitely not.
Total = 16

[X] You are lost without a CD player/iPod/mp3. 
Let's just count my phone that can play music as an ipod here.
[ ] You have/had thick rimmed glasses. 
I don't have glasses in general.
[X] You have no issues with bi/gay people. 
Absolutely no issues at all.
[  ] You have/had a Mohawk.
Haha no.
[  ] You like Slipknot.  
Not particularly.
[ ] You hate where you live. 
It depends on the criteria.  I don't want to live there, but that's because I'd rather live in the city than the suburbs which is where I am currently.  I don't hold anything against my neighborhood.
[X] Black is a great color. 
I think there is a place for all colors, so in my mind every color is a great color.
Total = 19

[X] Right now you are listening to music.
[  ] You know what hxc and sxc means.
No clue. 
[  ] Myspace = love. 
Wtf is this quiz's thing with with myspace? No one uses it anymore!
[X] Hot Topic doesn't scare me. 
No, it doesn't scare me. 
[  ] You wear/wore studded belts.
[  ] You have cried while listening to Hawthorne Heights.
[  ] For Guys: I have worn girls jeans. 
[X] You cry a lot. 
[  ] You write on yourself.
I used to, but not anymore. 
[  ] You have been called emo before. 
Not once.
Total = 22

For your final points, multiply it by 2, and post this as a journal entry/post: "I am % edgy"
Total = 44% edgy


SilviaTheCaralioness's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Female| Asexual| INTP-t
I love drawing animals and I created a new species, they are basically just like the carnivores, such as lions, wolves, etc, but no larger than your foot and they live much like humans and are just as intelligent. Most of my characters is one of those unless I say otherwise. Also, I like uploading my photography. Most of it is nature stuff.
Anyways! I love a lot of dumb things. One of which is animated movies, especially ones about animals.
I also started doing critiques. I feel like I'm not harsh enough though, which is why I normally choose to write critiques for impressive artwork.
My real name is Natalie, but I named my account after my fur-sona, Silvia, and its a long story. It started with me using a fake name for the sake of internet safety.
What you can expect to be uploaded in the future
-Drawings with my characters
-Animated film fan art
-photos of animals
-photos of nature
Remember, if you have a suggestion, feel free to ask me! I am open to them.
I am also accepting commissions. They are very cheap, only 20 points, but I might not be able to have it done very fast. For that my preference would be felines and maybe canines, but maybe I could do other things if I try. If I feel like that thing is too hard and it won't come out good I can reduce the price.
Also happy pride month:)
[LGBT][PIXEL] Asexual Shiba Inu by Lepedi
Asexual by Inkiedo Aromantic Stamp by sunbirds Most  artist use them. by LackToastAndToleranc Photography: A Way Of Life by TheStampKing Vitani fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama What are you, 5? by World-Hero21 DA Stamp - Zoos 01 by tppgraphics BRB HOMEWORK by xPine Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye Caracal stamp by Aquene-lupetta I love Clouded Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


Where He Hides
Sadly this adorable little subject isn't my pet.  He's a cat that likes to hang out in my grandparent's yard, much to their dismay because they, unlike me, are definently not cat people.  Fortunantly he gave me a lot of great photo ops, like this one.
Custom character design commissions are now available!


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